Import List

You may import lists from tab delimited text files or Excel spreadsheet files (requires Excel 97-2000 format). The file must have a specific format and there should be only one list per file (unless using a tabbed spreadsheet, see below).

List Number: This is the three digit list number that identifies the list. You will need to use the list number when starting an event over the phone. If you are replacing a list, enter the old list number and don't forget to check the 'overwrite old list data' checkbox.

List Name: For display purposes only. You may use the list name to help you remember what the lists represent. The list name will only show up on the web based reports and menus.

List Data: This is the name of a .txt or .xls file on your computer. Your browser may help you enter the correct name by offering a 'Browse...' button.

The column order for either file type is:
Name Primary Number Type Attempts Secondary Number Type Attempts
* some customers may have purchased customized formats, contact customer support for more information.

Text files (.txt) should have columns separated by a single tab character.

Excel files (.xls) must be in the 97-2000 data format, should store the data in columns A-G, have minimal formatting done (colors/sizes are ok, but no formulas, charts, or notes please), and should only contain one list per file unless the import multiple pages checkbox is checked. If your spreadsheet has multiple tabs, the list must be on the first tab. If you are unsure if your file is acceptable, you should try importing the list and comparing the import results to your original list.

Import multiple lists at once from a .xls file This checkbox will allow you to load a batch of lists from a single multi-tabbed spreadsheet. Each spreadsheet tab MUST include the list number as part of the tab name. For example "101 - Departments", "Departments (101)", or just "101" would all be acceptable.

If the multiple lists box is checked, the values entered into the List Number and List Name will be ignored (the list number and list name will come from the spreadsheet tab name).

Column Data Information:
Name Name of contact that will show up on reports. The name can also be used when searching for a contact.
Primary Number This is a unique number that identifies the contact. Most often is the contact's phone number.
Type The type of method to use for contacting them. Common types are V and P (for voice and pager). See below for additional information on types.
Attempts The number of times to attempt contact at this number. For example, if attempts is set to 3, the primary number will be called up to 3 times. If none of the calls are successful, the secondary number may then be called.
Secondary Number A second number that can be called. May be blank if there is not a second number.
Type The type of the secondary method.
Attempts The number of times to attempt contact at the second number. The secondary number will not be called until all primary contacts have been attempted.

Additional Type Information: The following is the full set of type you can use. Some of the types require optional features to be used and may not apply to your account.
V Standard voice. The phone number will be called and a human/answering machine should answer.
Xn A voice phone extension at predefined number "n", where n is a number (0-29). Requires additional setup to define the predefined numbers for your account.
P Standard pager. The phone number will be called and a pager service should answer. Key tones will be sent and the service should forward them to the pager.
Pn A pager pin number at a predefined pager service, where n is number (1-9). Requires additional setup to define the predefined pager services for your account.
E Express notification only. If a standard notification event is started, a voice call wil l be placed. If the call is answered, the message will play without any additional verification (just like an express event).
K Key. Primary number only. The primary number is a unique key and not a phone number. No attempts will be made.
D Disabled. The phone number and attempts will be ignored.
N A pager pin number at a predefined pager service.
O A pager pin number at another predefined pager service.
T:type A text message. Requires a "type" from the following list.
Common Name
International SMS _SMS_INTL